Stefanos is Leading Fine Art Workshops. Since 2013 he performs fine art workshops for the Anamesa Festival with the participation of children and adults with and with out special need. Following each time the theme of the Festival Stefanos is using the media of sculpture and mix media for painting. Study on figure with wax and collage portraits are some of the techniques that he had used in previous projects.

My goal is to present new techniques and materials to the participants, so that they can express themselves in the broader perspective. Furthermore, I mentor the children individually, challenging them with questions and answers in order for them to gain a better understanding of their own artistic and creative internal world. The pupils start the workshops with a individual art creation, discovering their individual qualities. Subsequently, in order to continue they have to co-operate with the rest of the class in order to achieve a result using team work. In conclusion I am trying to convey to the participants the mentality of the Festival ‘Anamesa’, which is a message expressing  equality and cooperation.

– George Pompidou  Paris France  collaboration with Myriel Venet  January 2013
– Municipality space in Pantin Paris France January 2013
– Tehnopolis Gazi Athens Greece April 2013
– CENTQUATRE Paris France January 2014
– Municipality space in Pantin Paris France January 2014
– Gustave Eiffel French School of Budapest Hungary April 2014

(Tehnopolis Gazi Athens 2013)

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