noTours is a project by the collective that allows editing a place with sounds. This means that you can attach sounds to a territory and that later, when you go physically to that place, you can listen to them. The trick is using noTours Android Application that detects your location (via GPS) and plays your audios exactly in the place where you decided. It is as easy as going to our editor, creating your user and starting to edit a map with your sounds. Finally you will need our Android application for enjoying the soundwalk.      You could find more information upon the soundscapes wish have been created by students of the School of Fine Arts of Athens at:    

In this Sound Project Stefanos joined forces with Poka in order to take advantage of each perspective on the sound project. Poka is an electronic music producer and dj based in Athens Greece, he has performed numerous times in Athens and abroad. He has released various tracks and gained international attention through music blogs and podcasts. His passion for electronic music production and experimental sound led to the collaboration with his friend Stefanos on the NoTours project.

The idea of creating an atmosphere of destruction which gradually guides you through the relieving process of regeneration is the main idea of the duo’s approach.

The constant pulse that transmits a rhythm to the listener’s walking, the irritance created by the piercing sound of welding aluminum pitched down a few semitones, the liquid element and the sencs of flow marks a turning point towards rebirth and the harmony of the birds song underlines nature’s calmness and serenity. Wind is also present and helps the process of casting of a new form.

All the sounds were recorded in a foundry and represent various procedures & sculptural techniques which transformed through sound processing are used to create an experimental soundscape composed of naturally produced sound aimed to make the spectator wonder.


click here to listen the soundscape:

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